May 23, 2016

Chicken “Shish Tawook” Spices

Post by Sami's Kitchen

Shish Tawook is a deliciously versatile Middle Eastern chicken dish. It can be grilled on a large rotating spit and sliced into a wrap or barbecued using skewers and served on a plate with your favourite salad.

Mum’s favourite winter alternative is to marinate larger pieces of chicken and roast in the oven with potatoes and whole garlic cloves. Serve with cous cous or salad.

Tawook is a Turkish word for Chicken, although our Shish Tawook blend is also a wonderful match for fish, especially Salmon.

How to use this blend:
Add 2-3 tbsp (30g) spices to 1kg Chicken…
For an authentic flavour: add 1/4 cup (60ml) Oil, 45ml Lemon Juice, 3 tsp Garlic, salt
For a modern twist: add 60ml Oil, 2 tsp Garlic, 1tsp Wholegrain Mustard, salt to taste

Serving suggestions:

  • Sprinkle onto or marinate fish fillets before grilling or panfrying
  • Marinate Chicken kebabs and grill or BBQ
  • Marinate Chicken or Prawns and stir fry with vegetables
  • Rub into whole Chicken before roasting with potatoes

Size: 45g resealable stand-up pouch.

Ingredients: Garlic, Paprika, Pimento, Nutmeg, Thyme, Cinnamon.

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