May 24, 2016

Thyme & Sesame Almonds, Kri Kri & Cashews

Post by Sami's Kitchen

Dry roasted nuts in various mixes are a part of daily life in the Levant.
It’s what we share with family and friends, with a drink or a mezze plate.

We wanted to flavour this savoury healthy snack with something uniquely Middle Eastern, natural and absolutely delicious. Zaatar is a herb blend of Thyme, Sumac, Sesame and salt that is typically mixed with olive oil and eaten with bread. We think this is a good place to start on our exploration of traditional flavours.

This nut mix includes crunchy Almonds, tasty flavour-coated Peanuts (Kri Kri) and delicious Cashews.
Perfect as a snack, as part of a mezze plate, as a gift or as part of a hamper.

100% Middle Eastern.

No artificial flavours.

Great for snacking!

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