Fatteh with Hummus “crumbled”





Featured Recipe by Norma Dakhoul

This recipe is a popular breakfast dish all over the Levant and dates back as far as the time of The Crusaders. There are many versions with some containing meat, chicken & eggplants. The base is always the same: a layer of toasted (or fried) Lebanese bread, crumbled, preferred filling, drowned with a garlicky yoghurt layer and drizzled with browned buttered pine nuts.

I prefer to have this on a hot summer night as it is light & refreshing. It can be served individually or in a large platter for everyone to share, Mezza style.


1 cup dried chick peas, soaked overnight
500g Greek or European style yoghurt
¼ cup pine nuts
2 tbs unsalted butter (I love Lurpak)
2 cloves garlic, mashed
1 tsp salt
Toasted Lebanese bread, crumbled into chip size pieces
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Soak chick peas in a large bowl and cover with 4 cups of cold water, stand overnight.
Drain chick peas, rinse & place in a large saucepan with 6 cups of water. Bring to the boil (watch it here as a lot of scum forms and this will overflow) turn down heat, skim off any scum, cover and simmer gently for approximately 25-30 minutes until firm but cooked. Strain chick peas reserving some of the liquid & add ½ tsp of salt, mix & cool.
Toast the bread either in the oven or the grill until golden, cool & crumble. Alternatively, you can brush a layer of bread with olive oil and toast in the oven until golden, crumble. Can also be fried, break into pieces and fry quickly in 1” of oil, drain. This is yummy but not for the health conscious!
In a glass bowl, add mashed garlic & ½ tsp of salt to the yoghurt and mix well.
Do this just before serving. In a frypan, toast the pine nuts until they just change colour, add the butter and cook until the butter is browned and fragrant.
To assemble: In a flat plate, spread a layer of bread, another layer of chick peas, then the yoghurt and lastly, drizzle the warm buttered pine nuts on top.
As we say in Arabic, Sahtan – “enjoy in good health”. This quantity is enough to share amongst 4 people, as an entree.