Who’s Sami?

Since 1991 Sami & Sonia have been curating the finest ingredients and through traditional methods sharing their passion for delicious authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with friends and guests at Sami’s café in Christchurch, New Zealand. Knowing that the essence of Midde Eastern flavours is in the intricate marriage of spices and unique ingredients that make up each dish, we have created this beautiful range of carefully crafted products for anyone to enjoy and share with family and friends. Delicious, fragrant and exotic spices & herbs are the starting point for all the food we make, which makes the humble Spice Grinder such a fitting logo for our brand as we develop more exciting and easy-to-use products for home cooks with an adventurous side and a desire to share food and memories. Sami’s Kitchen is an extension of what we started over 25 years ago and allows us to continue sharing our heritage and love of Middle Eastern cuisine... from our family, to yours.